The Reality Book Project


Welcome to the Reality Book development project page. Here's a situation, you wake one morning with an idea, you look things up on the internet, you find a couple links, and a PDF file, you also find a couple people interested in your idea, at the end of the day don't you wish all this data could be saved and attached to your idea. Yes you do i mean who wouldn't you know?< well Reality Book will be the best tool for this kind of situation.

The Musisis project is split among it's modules. Currently there are 9 modules that make up the Musisis effort and each module ramifies into libraries and sub applications that are needed in a complete MIDI and Digital Audio system such as Musisis . Each pertaining to a unique domain of electronic music. Everything from sequencers (linear and non linear, Digital Audio and MIDI related application. MIDI and Digital Audio offer a wide range of applications and libraries.


  • M.A.E.S.T.R.O. (Musical Arrangement and Enhanced Studio Technology for Real-time Orchestration) is the core of The Musisis Experience this is where you'd be when you first start Musisis and where you control the performance of your music tracks live and in real time. Giving you all the functionality of a production studio at your fingertips to control such aspects as playback, Channel/Master level volumes and panoramic positioning, adding effect levels and the likes.

  • D.U.E.L. (Dynamic Universal Editor/Librarian) is where The Musisis experience can learn to talk to your MIDI gear. Efforts will be made to accommodate for all possible equipment already out there and upcoming. However, being at it's starting stage, your specific MIDI equipment may not be in our lists. Musisis F.U.E.L. will allow you to enter your specific gear into it's system so that it can allow you to control and manipulate all MIDI controllable aspects of your equipment. If you want, you can send us your system configurations so that we can add it to our ever growing list.

  • A.D.A.M.S. (Advanced Digital Audio Manipulation System) is the means by which you can create, record, manipulate, arrange and add effects to digital audio tracks. A.D.A.M.S. technology will give you real time ability to do all this and more to any digital audio sound. Limited only by sound card capacity and system resources, let your imagination be the tool that fosters your musical creativity.

  • M.A.L.S.A. (Musisis Advance Linear Sequencing Architecture) lets you create a musical masterpiece from start to finish in a very linear way. However, along the way, it allows you to mix in a looping track (a drum sequence for example) and manipulate them to either loop (x number of times) or throw in a variation (drum roll, guitar break and the likes) at any given time. You can call M.A.L.S.A. a linear/non linear sequencing architecture because of that ability to throw in additions to the final masterpiece. A song could be created from a series of notations on a time scale much like other linear sequencing software, or, all create with additions and looping algorithms or both if you'd like. Note that these additions will be transformed into a final standard MIDI track in the saved file. For a more live musical creativity experience, you'll want to learn about A.L.P.S. described below.

  • A.L.P.S. (Advanced Live Performance Sequencer) is a new concept in live performance sequencing tools. It records or loads parts of a midi song, and allows to manipulate these parts in real time, live. Add to that the ability to link any of these parts to any other, give them a time relative offset, looping controls, adding new parts to your creation live, mixing everything together in real time to create a musical masterpiece before the very eyes of your studio audience, this is the ultimate goal of A.L.P.S. all this and more with an accent on speed of access to all features. It is in fact a non linear/time relative sequencer.

  • M.A.D.S.A.T. (Musisis Analog / Digital Synthesizers of Advanced Technology) Ever heard of software synthesizers? Most tend to emulate existing popular synthesizers, M.A.D.S.A.T. is no exception. it will also have it's own Software Synthesizer along with the popular brands. What this does is allow you to control and play your synthesizer on screen with a familiar user interface that looks like the real thing. What will set M.A.D.S.A.T. apart is that you'll be able to use whatever sound or whatever musical creations you create with your final MIDI/Audio creations, integrated and seamless. The same goes form Drum Machines as well.

  • M.U.D.O.S. (Musisis Universal Database Of Sounds) If you have any keyboard, with any sound either preset by the manufacturers or custom sounds you'd like to share, let us know, M.U.D.O.S. is a free service that allows everyone to benefit from your creativity by grouping the widest range of sounds, effect parameters, drum and base patterns and others all in one place.

  • A.S.F.A.M.S. (Advanced Sound Font Architectural System) Sound fonts are now a widely used technology in the music industry. A.S.F.A.M.S. will give you the tools you need to prepare your Sound Fonts, group them together, manipulate them and make them accessible to the rest of your Musical creations.

  • M.A.M.O.L. (Musisis Advanced M.I.D.I. Object Language) Ever tried to create music using a text editor? If any programming language can, M.A.M.O.L. is the way to go. Offering direct object oriented access to any parts of a song to play with and manipulate in real time. Any M.A.M.O.L. program can be triggered by certain midi events, triggered on a time basis with the sequencer or generated live at the push of a button. The finished compiled results? a MIDI file or a series of MIDI events to be inserted into any or all of your tracks or SysEx (system Exclusive) messages.


The Minding is simple enough. To provide studio quality software at next to nothing prices to push the competition to rethink their pricing strategies. A little nudge in the Music world to help everybody get something out of it. Music software has been pretty much untouched in the 15 years or so. Some of the big boys are charging exorbiting prices for software, a little specialized software perhaps but all that is about to change.

As you may have noticed each module listed about aims one part of the industry. I'm hoping that in this way I can spread my wings and fly all over the electronic music world one area at a time but will be a systematic coordinated competitive mission to just bring the prices down all by themselves.


I hope I can spark an interest in these project. Sure I might aim big, but he who doesn't aim doesn't gain either, I don't want to be that person. It's about time prices go down, the technology is available to anyone with a talent that could make it big if only he or she could afford the software. Now, with the Musisis project, he or she will.

If you have any question on this you can contact me and ask away. Don't worry I don't plan a direct attack on all music software vendors. This is just an attempt to leverage prices by making my technology very affordable. We'll see what it does. I'm hoping it will be successful. No matter what, my software will still be affordable. That's for sure.