Welcome to my Projects Page a place what I'm working on is shown so you can select it and find out all about it. These projects, especially the first two, are because I believe that it's time for a change, time to reset and just make everything affordable again. I don't know if you've noticed, but it seems that sofware development took a weird curve in the past decade or so. Where contractualrk is almost nothing these days, nobody want's toy the big development firm's prices even though they could really use the the other hand, contracts are now open up for bidding just to try and get a service as low priced as they can? I mean sure who doesn't like to save a dollar right? There is a limit, because as a result today, nobody is getting things done their way anymore. They are all looking for the done thing that can do 70% of what they need to do and they seem to be content with that.


Because of this reality, it seemed to have fallen on us, the software developer, to create things, try to outbid but your chances are next to none. We have to branch off of that somehow. And think of new ways to make software development really affordable. I believe that today we're still automating what we don't want to do ourselves, and that's good, but, that shouldn't be all we do. Hardly anything was created in terms of new things to do, new roles for our computer or tablet or phone even. to make them that much more useful. Nobody actually started creating with their computer. I mean sure they have been attempts however where are they today? I created the World Of Business project for that reason exactly. The rest of the projects appearing here all have their special reason to be here.


Standard Applications:

  • The World Of Business: This is the business Software Project.  This was a full time research I did, contacted businesses, software development companies, to find out just how bad it all was.  Of course some where more expensive than others, But it is the general agreement to state that the more customization a customer wants, the more expensive it's gonna be. if he wants a billing system what's one thing, if he wants that billing system to take away from inventory, be regulated as such and manage sales and specials, that's an extra, if he wanted integrated accounting, is another extra, if he wants a P.O.S. system running on top of all that, another extra. You getting the picture yet? 

  • A.R.M.S. Accounts Receivable Management System: This is a project of mine simply created because I have never seen such an application available to the public. And well I want to make it public Because there is a need for good customer relation which brings paying customers, repeat business, and so on and so forth. Just because you might have had to curtosy of reminding your customers where they stand financially with you. Everything will be customizable from they grounds up to fit the needs of any business.

  • Musisis: This is the Music Software Project. Just sit down in front of Google and search for midi, software, equipment, midi and digital audio, and after really not that long a time, you'll come to the decision I came to, everything is just too damn expensive. Sure they are the open source project, some of them are good, very good even. but musician want to play and make music, with tools they know and love, tools that work a certain way, tool that just like MIDI, have made their marks, one way our another. Musisis, once made, will do just that, make it's way into the same market, and hopefully will cut down the price of all these other established system Mysisis is a personal dream of mine because as an amateur musician I don't want to pay the big bucks to have software that I want to use. There may be other initiatives added to this as time and research dictates.

  • Astro-C.A.S.E.: This is a pet project of mine, "Astro" is short for astronomy, CASE is an acronym that stands for Complete Astronomical Software Environment put the two together, and you have a perfect marriage of putting what I love to do, with an industry that seems to be forgotten by many. basically it's astronomy in a software. Click on it and see what I mean. it aims to have everything a professional astronomer can expect all available in one package. And it is targetted at the regular user, so ease of use and learning, are a big part of it.

  • InteractBASIC: The ease of the BASIC programming language combined with the interactivity of languages such as Logo, Lisp or Forth. All in a highly interactive command based Environment, that is as interactive as the language itself, and you have a VERY interactive BASIC Language. it's a combination I can't wait to see in action because as you'll see from it's project page, I already see very interesting things to do with it. I think you'll agree that they are many fields of application that come with InteractBASIC. The potential sure is there.

  • Memorium Professional: Who isn't curious about A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) here these days? How is it defined? Where does it stand today? Where is it going? Is SkyNet in the making or already made? Exactly where is A.I. today? Memorium Professional is a study in it, which will happen to have it's environment. it is a collection of all the A.I. I know of, combined with an I.D.E. a intelligence construction language and an application development language, libraries and Editor. All there to show you how far you can go in terms of A.I. Now doesn't that spark your curiosity? It sure did mine when I began this project.

  • WarpBASIC System: This is my very own compiler project. I chose basic because I personally think vb.net drifted away somewhat from the language it used to be back when version 6.0 was out. I decided to try to make my own version of how I see visual basic 7.0 really should have been. This project is in it's infance but there is a long list of implementation ideas already that I have gathered that will make the cut to the first version of this project.

  • Decisions Professional: decision making software has evolved over the years. I created this project because of that very fact. I strongly believe that how I am presenting my method of decision making knowledge will make Decisions Professional a tool that will stand alone. Simply by combining all other decision making architexture into any way you might see fit. Allowing you to define a problem as detailed as you need it for as many nodes that you may be thinking of.

Website Projects:

  • The Author's Realm: is a website designed for authors to get recognized by posting about themselves, the books they've published. What kind of books they've published and they would like to write more of. it's a great place to let yourself known and discover more about maybe lesser known authors. it is specifically designed for authors who are curious about other authors.


These represent the projects I aim to realize and make available. I do have other projects of course, but these projects here represent what I'm really working on making a reality. If I'm not working for you, I'm working on these. You can click the project to see how far I've gone in each of them. And what I'm aiming for to give you a better understanding of them.

By all means you can Contact Me about any of these projects or anything you can see on my website for that matter. you have a comment, critic, idea and everything in between you want to talk to me about, go right ahead. like I mentioned I'm very approachable and down to earth.