Welcome to my Writings Page I wrote (and am writing) these for three main reasons. The first is knowledge is power. And I want you to be as knowledgeable as I am in these fields. Te second reason is it seems to be lacking out there on the web. Hence when I can't find enough information about it, I will write something up or another, to help bring knowledge to you that would otherwise be very hard to come by. Finally, the third reason is if I find the knowledge useful, chances are you might find it useful as well.

So sit down, relax, and get into reading the things I have written. And be sure to contact me if you have anything you want to know about, because chances are, here too, that if you'd find it useful, it can be useful for many other visitors. So do let me know about it, if you've written something or would like me to write about it. Let's see how far we can push the boundaries of knowledge.



  • Open Source Licensing Demystified: In the world of open source you might finding it overwhelming when applying an open source licensing scheme. Have a read, I do believe you'll find this article to be very useful and very informative to say the least.

  • Open Source For A Living: As a professional software developer you might find yourself asking what's it all about, what does it have to offer me or my customers? How can i make money with Open Source? I think this article will help you answer these questions and so much more.

  • Modular Versus Object Oriented Programming: Is my take on the two most widely used methods or organizing source code. It is written to give the reader as complete a picture of both methods as they stand. It is mean as informative article to put things in perspective. I use both methods still today.


  • Extreme Programming Evaluation & Review: I took extreme programming to the extreme test. it is still a rather new method but it's making it's way when it comes to the costs involved in programming.

  • Artificial Intelligence Technology Overview: I did this when I started my Memorium Project. I figured it had the most popular A.I. technologies, explained and enhanced with the external links. So I might as well write this if not for anything as a reference of the technologies that will go into Memorium.

  • Evolution of Graphical User Interface: is a step down memory lane in terms of graphical user interface. What they were, and why they existed. I linked all of the GUIs with other places on the web so you can get a visual time warp as well as a textual one.


  • User Oriented Programming: this is a general tutorial on user oriented programming. These are the little details that matter a whole lot to your users and should likely matter to you if you hope to make a commercial available software.

  • Programming On A Collaborative Project: Have you ever thought about what it's like to do this collaborative thing? Are there benefits to doing so? What tools are available to us and how good are the to help us develop this collaborative effort? Let take a look.


  • Commercial And Professional Application Development: This Series takes an idea, develops and gives you everything there is in terms of tools and knowledge to so that you the reader can know what and where they are for your future projects. These include design tools, databases, class designers, testing and debugging tools, everything to help bring a project you might have to fruition.



And there you have it, my creations there will be more added of course so be sure to check back here often. There is always a good reason to take in this knowledge. So I do plan on adding to this as much as I can, as often as I can. To make all the knowledge available to everyone that might be curious about it.

Remember that if you don't find the knowledge you find interesting here, be sure to Contact Me and tell me all about it. Knowledge is everything, as such I welcome it any way possible.