Welcome to the Symbiotic Software Creations Related Links Every website effort, especially need a related links section. to group together the relative internet for you. If not anything else. The way I see it. If a link has helped me in any way chances are it gonna be helpful to you too.

The links are category and after alphabetically. I dont know how complete this link is gonna be, but I will make it as complete as I can.

Databases: at the very center of any business project worthy oh the name you'll find a database engine if some sort. Here are some of the most commonly used ones.

Programming Languages: this is a software development website. So of course there is gonna be a programming language section.

C#: This language has grown leaps and bounds over the years both as a language as as a compiler. Visual Studio encompasses all Microsoft Languages and VS Code is universal. .

C/C++: indeed the most widespread of languages namely due to the fact that it was available freely since it's creation.

Pascal/ObjectPascal: This language has always been a good language for me. I learned all principles on programming in it and it's been a joy to do so.

BASIC: I was always a fan of the Microsoft basics there as always a sense of i don't know, completion achievement in a way, in all that I created with these languages.

Ada: Lady Ada of Lovelace who doesn't know about the first lady of programming. But yeah just in case, Ada is a language too. And as a language it's quite a capable dialect.

COBOL: COmmon Business Oriented Language Indeed I put this language section here not just for old time sake. COBOL is the longest existing and widespread language available. It's used everywhere. not just in mainframes but in microcomputers as well.


In conclusion as I mentioned these links are part of what make me who I am today and I hope they will do the very same for you. I will update this with a learning sent soon..

You can always go right here but if you want to see link that just isn't there right now just Contact Me and tell me. I'm always open to suggestions links are included here too. same is if you want to see your website as part of my links, just let me know.