Welcome to Symbiotic Software Creations a place where the software unites and collides with the mind. Me personal space on the web where I get to showcase my work and projects along with what I learned from them. All this history made me who I am today. And I loved every minute of it, every project, every place I have worked for, everything I did in each of those places, plus what I did outside of the work place. all made me who I am.

It has also put in place some work ethics, a certain professionalism in the way I do my things. I found that these bits and piece of experience, working alone on a project and as a team member, gave me a specific set of skills that I just know set me apart from the rest of the professionals out there. .


Now from my About Me page, which starts with my realizations, I have the experience I need behind me (both professional and personal), along with the programming languages and database systems to offer everything you could want and so much more. Just take a look at the service list.

There is no telling what your next need will be, no telling what you'll do next, but I'll tell you what, before you decide to put it all on the back burner, I suggest you maybe talk to me about it first.

Consultation Services

A Consultation: is a meeting (or set of meetings depending on the project), an educated discussion (or series of discussions) to elaborate on the feasibility of a given idea or project. I'm here to listen and work with you towards the realization of such project. so you tell me all about it and together we'll show you why, sometimes, two heads really are better than one.

It can be anything, from business to music software. From payrolls, to inventory, to billing, to production, to financials, to lawyer and legal things, to document management, it doesn't matter I've done work in it I have had to learn about a lot of this in the industry, i know what I know and can apply it to all types of consulting needs. Before your next big project (or small project) I know my strengths, I know I can help you someway, somehow.

Web Design Services

Web Design can take on a very different set of things in today's world. It could be using existing templates, could mean creating an HTML website, or installing a new theme for WordPress. The website could have some programming to be done, it could be done in PHP Scripting, or using a Dot Net language and implementing a full fledged development website, to a very static HTML contents. The range is as unlimited as they are technologies available to us.

Web Design can mean something very different from business to industry and from person to person. It's important to define your internet needs and once these are defined, choose the right technology that will bring us what we need as well as what we want shown on our website. This is by no means a decisions you need to make yourself. You know you're business, but I know how to make your needs and wants into a web solution especially made for you. So take the time and fill out the form, you might be surprised at how you can make it a reality.

S.E.O. Services

Search Engine Optimization is really about a page been relevant on the web to what you're business does and describe on the web. Website relevancy combined with other seach engines optimizations guidelines make up the whole S.E.O. science. But when one of your pages make it near the top of search engines results, then you, I did my job and it was worth it. Anything better then what a website does today, can be considered good.

Every website (large or small, personal to professional) can use S.E.O. why because you expect yor user base to be able to search for your website contents and be able to find your website as close as possible to the starting search results right? Of course you do, everyone does it's why S.E.O. has a reason to be. Sure it's true for business website, of course, but it is also true from pretty much any website out there. Let me show you everything from how it's done, where it's done, and how far I can push things in your favor.

Software Developement

Software Development can mean anything from analysis, to conceptualizing a solution, to the sofware development itself to the testing and debugging of existing code and everything in between. I can take it as far as I need to, or as far as you want to. It is what I've been doing most of my career. So don't worry, nothing you can ask me can be too big or too complicated.

Weather you have an idea you want to see concretize, or wether you have a project you need realized. Whether you want to talk about it or do more about it (as I do offer consultation on software development as well. You don't need to go through it alone. it's somehting that we can both make happen for you or your business together.

Training Services

Training Services can mean different things. One thing for sure there are a lot of software out there, and there are a lot of ways to do whatever you might want to do. For example graphics software, you know this as well as I do, things don't work the same in Photoshop, GIMP, or pretty much any other graphics package. Same thing with every other types of . you might know one, but need training in another. no matter what you want to learn about, it's about you and what you need to know.

No matter what the software is, no matter what the needed information is, just fill out this form and we'll see, together, how to go about getting you the information you want and need right on your screen. Remember that the only stupid questions are the ones you don't ask.

I encourage you to take a look at all the pages, I'm really approachable, really versatile and I love to rise up to a challenge. so hit me with your best shot, see how I am, until then I'll be busy right here.