Welcome to the A.P.S.D.I. Advanced Professional Software Development Initiative part of this website. You might be wondering why this initiative exists. This is an initiative to try and bring software projects together with a set of goals that will put the software not only in a category on it's own. But an idealism that lives well above such things as competitiveness, I'm good and your bad, or even I'm the cure and your the disease. All these have to go away if we want to all move forward and do more than just automate what we don't want to do. It's time to start really creating and for that to happen, we need to end this competitiveness (sometimes harsh too) and work together, toward the same goals. This is why the A.P.D.S.I. Was born.

In this site you will be presented with everything about the A.P.D.S.I. You will see that it is really above this layer of competitiveness and rivalry amongst people and businesses. Where a product HAS to be better than all others to make a mark in this pool of competitiveness. It really is time to bring our ideas to reality collaboratively speaking.


The objectives are actually quite simple and they all work together to make up what the A.P.S.D.I. is there for. Namely this objectives are more guidelines. There the reason to develop the given project in the first place along with the goals of the project being developed as well.

  • You Need A Good Reason To Develop It I mean sure you can develop anything anywhere. But I just know if you find the right reason, such as, it is needed and not available. Or any other such reason (the learning experience for example) you can easily devote your time to that kind of project.

  • It Needs To Be As Useful To As Many Users As Possible The point is to bring the competition towards ending to be competition. Instead I want it to be right out there, making it's name, it's reputation against the bigger to biggest company out there.

  • It Needs To Be Either Integrated Or Integratable The whole point of the A.P.S.D.I. is to be usable, and integratable along with being about to work nicely as individual application. As such making at least an integratable and an independant part or a reusable library used by the application part are definitely a must.

With these objectives I'm sure it will help it make it's mark in the world of software development. Along with hopefully enticing the big companies to share their know how that we've all been fighting to know more about. All together in one central point so that together we can all be better than the some of everything.


Constraints may be too big a word here. guidelines is a better word. But whatever project you're working on or whatever you might suggest here just make sure that it can work on

  • At least 32 bits I mean sure you can develop anything anywhere. but for this initiative 32 bits at least please.

  • It runs ob Windows, Linux and Mac O.S. Those are the top 3 operation system available. we ask that the project does run under one of these, it could be any one, 2 of then or all three

  • Windows Or Text Console are both accepted If it has a noticable interface, text based or graphics it should be known, new ideas can be born out if the genius of old concepts.

As I mentioned these are just guidelines we want to see every spark of genius. so if you did something worth mentionning or on Amiga or Atari ST. do let us know avout then to by all means.


In an initiative such as this we often need your participaction to make this whole thing worth it for everybody. There are all levels of help that we require along with a multitude of related subjects that you can help in. Here are the different ways you have to offer help in this initiative.

  • Research as you know this is the first part that you can help with. Reseach is both time consuming especially when it's undertaken by one individual. We're looking for libraries and application you you'd find useful and/or that you believe many people and businesses would find useful too.

  • Comparisons, Analysis And Reporting we just want you do tell us what is worth it and why here. You know do the first filtering for us. See what makes what you find tick as per the objectives and the interest what you found has. You have no idea how much time you'll save us just by doing that small part.

  • Contributions Of All Types If you have some kind of code, or a library, maybe you have an application you built that never made it to commercially available. Maybe you have a routine that does something useful. Doesn't matter the level, your contribution is more then welcome here. no matter what it does, one which O.S. it does it, for what reason, you can always submit it to us.

I believe these are the top ways we have for you to participate in this initiative. We hope you will but also understand if you can't for whichever reason. This effort is there for you whether you're helping or not. What matters is that you think it's as good an idea as I did creating it.


This initiative is an important one for everything that I'm trying to do here. The guidelines are there to orient you, so to speak, towards being able to determine what should make it through to the initiative. The type of contributions you can do to help is all here for the same reasons.

Just remember it doesn't matter what O.S. it was developed for or what programming language was used. If it does something that can be useful for more then one business on more than one other project or if you have a bit of code you'd just like to share for the same reasons, just Contact Me to let me know all about it.